Fashion is so shallow. She’s so materialistic. Those girls wear those things because they are insecure.

   I hear this all the time. I hear women putting down women constantly. People who are jealous, or bothered by one’s fashion sense all of a sudden try to insult others, or find an excuse for what they lack.

   I don’t believe fashion is shallow. I don’t believe that just because I love to put on make up in the morning, throw on a pair of amazing heels, and flaunt myself in a form fitting outfit, I’m shallow.  The very reason for fashion is to make a woman feel beautiful. It’s not the trends the forecasters predict, nor is it the fads the celebrities create. It’s a feeling. That amazing feeling a woman gets when she takes the time out of her day for herself.


Model Naomi B., Photo:Regi Metcalf, MakeUp: MakeOversByAyeshah

Model Naomi B., Photo:Regi Metcalf, MakeUp: MakeOversByAyeshah

  For me, my day goes on differently when I don’t bother taking care of myself. It’s kind of like being stuck in a rut. When your down and depressed, and your life is a mess, everything about you is a mess as well. People always say, the first step to moving on is getting rid of the clutter. The emotional and the physical as well. Clearing your mind and clearing your home make you feel better, that you can live a better day tomorrow, when you wake up in the morning and everything looks clean and organised. I believe its the same thing with your image. Waking up and going about your day with messy hair, worn old clothing, and looking unkempt will bring you down.

    Wake up, take that shower, dry your hair, style it, throw on some makeup to accent your beautiful face, and pick out that AMAZING outfit that will turn heads! See how great you feel! Everyone is beautiful, in their own, unique way. I’m not telling women they need makeup to look great. It’s just the process of doing it all, along with the result that feels amazing.

   If you put a little bit of time, effort and  thought into how you look, especially at a job interview, or when your seeking a career advancement, others will see and appreciate that you take time out of your day to take care of yourself. That’s the most important thing. If you don’t care about yourself, then what makes them think that you will care about your job, and their needs?

    I was talking with Ayeshah about this specifically, and she explained that this is one of the reasons she does what she does. She’s a make-up artist, and a damn great one, because she loves making people feel beautiful, bringing out their inner beauty with art, and making every woman feel invincible.

Make-Up, Hair, dresses, shoes, smiles, thoughts, passions and crossroads….

Glitter, Chiffon, blush, hairpins, adventures, friends, love, careers….

   It’s time we appreciate all the aspects of fashion. Because a true fashionista does just that. When you take her apart and break her down, she is more complex deconstructed, than what she looks like as a whole, so next time you hear someone say “Fashion is Shallow”… let them know they have no idea.

  Hope You all Enjoyed the post!!!



xoxo   Athena

4 thoughts on “The Deconstruction of a Fashionista

  1. What a Beautiful face!!! I am a makeup artist, I want to use you for inspiration. I will email you.

  2. I whole heartedly agree with the caveat that it’s your own style that is important not what the media dictates. So what you project from the inside completed with what you project from the outside makes up the total picture. My style may not be yours but I can wear it and it is me…and vice versa. Set your own trends and follow your own heart and soul.

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