Daring, Edgy, Modern, Hip, Amazing… That is what comes to mind when we think of Swarey Designs.. Everyone fell in love with Dareyna’s sharp yet feminine designs from last season.. and now she’s back… only this season they’re all of the above, with a splash of danger!

"Spike Love" - 2012 Glam Collection

         Dareyna, started as a designer for major labels. She worked with the best in the industry, but her strategy was to use that experience as a foundation, to build on. She had so much talent in her, she was not satisfied working for others. She decided to venture out on her own, but this wasn’t just a spontaneous plan. Dareyna has known that owning her own clothing line, was her destiny since she was just a child.  Being the daughter of a model, Dareyna grew up with a keen eye for fashion, trained by her mothers life experience, and with the support of her father, who noticed Dareyna’s talent at a young age, when she was making clothes for her barbie dolls, she recieved the overwhelming support, only one could wish for. These experiences, have molded her into the designer she is today.

       ” I caught the fashion bug though from my mom as she modeled when she was younger and made all of her clothing growing up.”

"Born Ready" - 2012 Glam Collection

Says Dareyna, on how she came about making the decision to become a clothing designer. When asked what kind of woman defines her brand, Dareyna answered “The Swarey Designs Woman is Independent , confident in her own skin and she loves to stand out. She’s what I would call “laid back sexy”. Which I would describe as she doesn’t have to try to be sexy it comes naturally.”

    Looking through the collection, I loved everything I saw. My favorite garment was the “Born Ready” dress. I love the shape of the sleeves. Most of all, I absolutely adored the Spiked detail, this

made my day! I absolutely love spikes, and edgy things, and this screams “I AM SEXY, I AM FEMININE, I AM POWERFUL”. It’s not only edgy, but classy too!

      “My favorite garment I would say is the one shoulder jumpsuit. It was a hit in my first collection so I brought it back with few changes. My inspiration was my ideal swarey woman and what she would wear.” ,speaking on her favorite garment.

"Only Girl" Jumpsuir - 2011 Power Collection

   The One Shoulder Jumpsuit was indeed a hit, and my favorite garment from her previous collection. Every new collection becomes more extraordinary than the previous.

     This past week, on Friday, February 10th 2012, Dareyna  had her Brand’s  2012 Fashion Week debut at “The Warwick” hotel, in New York City.

"Unleash The Diva" Jumpsuit 2012 Glam Collection

   The models strutted the runway, in all her new designs, and according to a couple of attendees, whome I’ve spoken with, Swarey was the Star of the show.

      “…. [there were] a few bloopers in the beginning, [model forgot to adjust herself] and [my music was lost] but hey, Rihanna always works for me! Other than that, my models rocked out and I enjoyed the show” said Dareyna on her Swarey Facebook Page ( “Swarey” Pronounced Swah-RAY.)

     When asked which celebrity would she want wearing her designs, Dareyna says:

                   ” I absolutely love love Rihanna to the core I feel she represents the Swarey woman very well.”

So I tried to get a hint, or clue, or sneak peek about next season… and she said “You’ll have to wait and see”… that’s going to be quite difficult… because I am totally In love with this clothing line!


Now everyone, please go to her social network sites below, and make sure you like the pages, and follow @swarey_designs. I’m telling you, you will not be dissapointed.

Here is a video of the event.



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