Our Very Own Jo7a Independent Designer Bertha Alicia Astor, was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES! Bertha’s story is extremely inspiring and a must read! Congradulations Bertha!  We will always be there to help support you through your journey in becoming a premier designer!

               A dream can be deferred for only so long.

When Bertha Astor, 48, left her native Puerto Rico to move to New York at 27, she had a degree in biology from Pontifical Catholic University, she said. She spent a decade putting that education to good use, working as a laboratory technician at pharmaceuticals companies. Later, she obtained a certificate in office administration and spent a decade in jobs in that field.

But childhood memories of helping her mother — a clerk who made clothes and sometimes sold them — sew buttons onto dresses still loomed large. And the body-hugging dresses that her grandmother Consuela, a professional seamstress, made for Ms. Astor’s Saturday nights on the town stayed on her mind.    ….to read more click here.

Stay in the know about what amazing apparel Mrs.Astor creates next:

Twitter:  @AstorBertha

Facebook:  Lisa Astor

Website: Obradorio de Moda <–and there you can purchase some of her unique designs!!


xoxo Athena

4 thoughts on “@AstorBertha A Queens Woman Begins Her Third Career, as a Designer!

  1. Good Morning Athena,
    thank you very much for what you are doing with me along with the other Independent designers. As you said on the email I got this morning re: Wardrobe call” this journey is extremely exhausted, but at the end is a rewarding that everything is done. Very little hours of sleep and a lot of hours sketching (putting your ideas in paper before those ideas fly away), adjusting patterns and perhaps sewing and in ADDITION working Full/Time.
    I thank God for keeping always as his daughter and giving me the strength to continue with what I love the most creating my simple and classic designs for all women out there who love to look impeccable on a daily working routine.
    Once again a big THANK YOU to you and Ayeshah, you both are doing a great job putting this Meetup networking group together and working you heart off on this. I have FAITH, that we will go somewhere with this and please call me whenever you need to, I’ll be there!!!
    Warmest regards.
    Bertha Alicia (“Lisa) Astor

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