Modeling Industry. Its tough out there. I have worked with many models and I always get the same complaint. They don’t make enough, and they are unhappy with their agents. Now, becoming a model seems fabulous, but don’t go ahead and rush yourself off– just because someone claims to be a “Modeling Agent” or have a “Modeling Company”, does not mean they do, and if they do, it does not mean their any good. The majority of the time, these “promoters” or “CEOs” of “Modeling Agencies” are just scumbags looking for a way to make a quick buck off your looks. They provide no support, make you pay your way, and take a percentage because you signed a contract with fine print claiming your year’s earnings away.

Legitimate modeling agencies are very particular, concise and clear about what they want, what they offer, and how the contract works. For the most part,  they will provide you with an outline of a contract which will include:

– Rate Description

– Restrictions

-Release form information

-Image Usage information

-Explanation of Percentages the company recieve

– What their fees are for, and how they are broken down.

-Duration of contract

-Cancellation fees (for early contract release)

The companies  that usually provide you with this are Commercial Agencies. They do not “casually” advertise their models on Facebook or twitter or instagram–with a sign saying “For bookings email or call 917-555-5555” , they have a legitimate website, with legitimate clientele and contracts with major companies who hire models on a regular basis.

Now, there are some reputable “Model Managers” out there that know a lot of designers and can help newer models wet their feet in the game. These guys are good as long as you DO NOT SIGN AN EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT with them. They will work with you on a casting to casting basis, calling you and sending you to a casting. You can agree to a % distribution ahead of time, and if you get the gig, you pay him only when you get paid. He does not receive payment, YOU DO. He/she has a right to help negotiate your contract with the casting directors, and he she has a right to view that contract to know how much he/she will be receiving as a “referral %”, but that is it. No exclusivity.

The only time you should sign for exclusivity is with a commercial agency.

Below I have included a link from an article on model mayhem about “The Standard Modeling Contract”. You will read that it has a lot of stipulations, so when you are ready to sign, you need to make sure you have the best deal possible.

The Standard Modeling Contract – By John Fisher

also read Agent/Agency responsibilities – By John Fisher 

If any of you need any advise or consult on your modeling contracts or have any questions feel free to email me. I will help walk you through them and give you names of legitimate agencies that will work to your best interest. Just Off 7th Ave! makes sure that models are treated fairly. We do not represent any models, nor do we ever charge or take commission from any models.


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