Skateboarding is an amazing sport, and recently its been getting more and more popular, but leave it to MECHANICAL PANDUH to turn it into the latest fashion must have for everyone!! I for one would love to see how good Lil Wayne would look sporting one of their “hoodcrafted” Jurrasic Skate Park Collection Skateboard Backpacks! As for the ladies, there’s something in it for them too! Mechanical Panduh has the Hottest shades I’ve ever seen! I’m definitely getting myself a pair! They’re shades are so hot, they were featured in the Juelz Santana & Cash Flow video shoot in NYC. They even have men’s shades.

Mechanical Panduh has prospered with their state of the art Skate Deck Backpacks! They’re hand crafted with the finest materials, and even have a pocket made for your Ipod/phone. They have a quick release that will allow you to pop out your skate-deck in no time!

 This is a must-have for all fans of skate-boarding, and guess what… They accept custom orders!

The Picture on the left is part of their “Don’t Be Got” Jurassic Skate Park Collection.


    What caught my eye was the shades!! Amazing! Below I have added a few pictures of the shades made by them, as well as the music video they were featured in!

   The shades are a “GOT TO HAVE IT ITEM”. Please check out their website where you can purchase, contact and admire all their items here:

To follow them on Twitter click here: @MechPanduh




Hope You Enjoy!!


xoxo Athena

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