Our May Designer of the Month is designer of- BLUET New York.

BLUET was created in Argentina, as an accessories line, in 1993. Martha was a designer and producer of fashion accessories for 15 years for more than 35 companies in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

    “I relocated to New York 10 years ago, where my daughter joined me and together we created the team that now is Bluet New York. We believe in fashion as an expression of cultural and social movements, therefore we find inspiration in the arts, music and cultures from all over the world and eras.
Our collections evokes a very feminine woman, with sense of fashion and sensibility for textures, designs and unique pieces. All our products are designed and handmade by us, from the patterns to the prints, and we pay close attention to details. We strongly support the American industry,and we consider that is specially important in this hard economical times.”

  BLUET New York has special one of a kind pieces that will blow your mind away!

 Here’s a brief interview with BLUET designer herself!

Athena: What inspired you to begin designing?

Bluet: I grew up surrounded by 4 French grandaunts and a French grandmother who were very chic and elegant and my mother was very coquette and a big fan of fashion so I definitely feel they were a very strong influence to me.
One of them was the main embroider of the Gerlene House of Paris so by the age of 7 I was already embroidering, kintting and sewing. By the age of 9 I had a huge collection of vintage clothes, hats and shoes from the 20’s 30’s and 40’s and I spent more time playing with that than with my dolls.

Athena: I absolutely love your weeding bouquets,what was the inspiration behind that ?
Bluet: The flowers are a creation of my daughter who learned the tecnic from my 
grandmother. The main idea was to create a flower that last forever, and we all know that weeding bouquets last fresh for only a few hours,at last a few days, and 
after that they are gone forever. Our weeding bouquets are pieces that will last intact trought many years to come, becoming an alive memory of that precious moment.

Athena: What is unique about your collection?
Bluet: My collections are base in 2 main factors: elegance and practicality.
I don’t make the sophisticated intrincate design that you probably wear only 
ones,but the kind of clothes that you will wear -as my customers say – 
“until they tear appart” And that’s difficult to find nowadays in a good 
quality at an affordable price.
Another 2 facts that make my collections pretty unique is first,that 100% of 
my pieces are handmade by me and all the details are finished by hand piece 
by piece, the real “couturier” way used in the past by the great designers.
Even the printing that I make in many of them is hand made by me and the 
designs are my own art work ,I dont’ copy my images from books or any other 
sources. And the second is that specially for my Spring Summer collections I use only 
organic materials,the ecological factor is really important to me.

Athena: If you could pick your favorite item from your collection,what would it be?
Bluet:I always say that I am selfish when I design,because I make the clothes that I would wear. It’s difficult for me to pick one only item. If I had to, I would say that my Vionnet blouses, for the Summer are a basic must-have!You can dress them up or down and you will always look feminine and fresh!! My Paris dress for the Winter because it’s the dress that will go with you to any occassion, from the office to a cocktail party just by changing your shoes and accesories.

Athena: What do you hope to achieve in the long run with your design company?
Bluet: I am not really interest on becoming a huge brand. I love what I do and I want always to keep that happiness alive without 
loosing space to have a life outside my work. I do a lot of art and craft shows around the country and I enjoy a lot to be 
in direct contact with the costumer itself as well as I realize that people love the fact of knowing who is behind the piece that they will wear,so that’s something I want to keep doing. I have now the chance to have my pieces in a couple of stores in Soho New 
York and that’s something that I am very interested on but only with stores that carry high quality lines in small quantities. I make limited edition collections and I want to keep it that way,because I can make different lines in a same season and it’s for me more creative and therefore more fun. 
     To visit BLUET go to www.bluetnewyork.com
     To like their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/m.bluet
   Questions? Comments? Visit BLUETs pages and let us know what your favorite piece is!
     xoxo Athena

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