When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved to play dress up! I was always a little fashionista, because my mom always dressed up my sister and I in the cutest little outfits.

   As I grew older, I attended private school. People usually think its difficult for us to show our fashion sense and creativity, when we’re all wearing the same thing, but not in my case. My mother always made sure to add a touch of style to my uniform. A simple little change up. Perhaps a little broach, or a patent shoe.. I started making my own choices when I was old enough. I always expressed my style with a cute little vest, or hair accessory, or a great shoe. Just a little bit of me. I never went too over-the-top because schools obviously have rules, but I ensured i was not lost in the old grey tone of a uniform.

  So, today as I was going through the Jo7a designer database, I spotted a designer that makes these lovely ribbons! Shayla McKinnon, who is  the owner/designer of www.shaylasfactory.com makes lovely ribbon accessories for little girls. She even has them available in ribbon colors! How cute would your little girl look sporting hair ribbons in her school uniform? Shayla also acessorizes baby wipe cases, for those new moms on the go who would like a little bit of flair and style added to their normal everyday routines. Now you can take your little fashonista to school in these beautiful hair pieces!

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