It wasn’t long ago that Kanye West announced he was launching a fashion line. I’m sure alot of people were excited, because for the most part of his career, we’ve seen him dressed to the T. I had mixed feelings about this, because I’m usually tired of every celebrity thinking they have the class and sophistication to launch a High Fashion collection, just because they’re in the media. With Kanye’s collection, I actually liked the idea of the line, and the inspiration behind it, I just feel that his designers did not execute it properly.

  With the exception of House of Derion, and KLS (Upper Echelon line from Kimora Lee Simons), I have been disappointed with the collections that I have seen come from the entertainment industry. They tend to go too far off edge, they tend to try and make their items over-the-top, but please.. Stay in your lane.

  The business of music and fashion go hand in hand. Parallel to eachother.  I believe they should both walk a straight line, each their own. Let the designers be the designers, and the musicians be the musicians. I love Hiphop, R&B, POP, etc. I listen to music all the time, and it inspires me! but you don’t see me trying to jump on TV and Rap just because I’m a designer. We are asking for the same respect. But with Kanye, it is a little bit different. He has been a fashion icon in menswear, and I think that he has potential, he just needs to personally review everything that goes into his collection.

 I understand Kanye’s aesthetic, and I understand what he was trying to achieve in this line, but shame on the designers who told him that you can translate your vision and style in menswear, and have it look good on a woman. Furs, leathers, suede, industrial zippers, and golden tones look great on Kanye, and the way he (or his stylist, I assume) dresses him. But  I don’t think it really translates well for ladies.

   I’m quite sure that the sketches for the designs looked amazing, but on the models they fell a little short. Maybe minimizing the bulk on some of his drapery, and lengthening the hemlines, as well as shortening the slits on some of the hemlines would make the collection look quite classy.

   Again I am not saying its horrible, I am just saying it needs to be re-worked.

 I feel bad critiquing like this, but honestly,  the designers and stylists he hired, did not do a great job in creating.

To the left, is one of the looks he had in his Spring/Summer ready to wear collection. The fur has potential, but is a Spring/Summer collection. The leather top looks like hyde was just draped on the model, maybe making the top more fitted would make the look. And the skirt slits are unflattering and make the model look as if she has crooked legs, because its too short. If the skirt was longer, and the slits were not so high, it would be absolutely amazing (hint hint Kanye… )

  The shoes on the model are another story. I love the laid-back feel, I like the color, I think the top layer needs to be removed. Unless your 5’9 and 100 lbs, those shoes will make you look like you have kankles your trying to hide, and will literally make you look short and stubby. The reason this happens is because the bootie falls a few inches below the curve of the calf, and a few above the ankle. That takes away the curve/taper of a woman’s leg (unless your a model..)  Not a good thing if your trying to sell to the general public, or trying to make a mark in the fashion world.

  Ofcourse, knowing Kanye he doesnt give up. He took the constructive criticism from all the fashion critics, and is ready to jump back in and do it better. He just created a new twitter for his fashion line, @DWbyKanye and he tweeted “London,Paris” and “Art knows no boundaries”. Hinting there is more to come.

  The negative reviews of his DW fashion line has not sent Kanye packing. Apparently he is in talks with some designers, and is opening a show room in london, this year so he can re work his line, in hopes of showing at Paris Fashion week again.

I Honestly hope that he perfects his collection. Take a look at these shoes, they are obviously not well made.  In a way, I believe that it’s not his fault, he is busy and has overlooked his fashion career because of the explosive music career he has.

The shoes I would totally wear, if they were well fitted, and the heels were straight.

  The thing is, if your too busy focusing on your music career (which he should, because he is amazing!) then, you need to take a step back and realize that maybe a fashion line needs a little more of your time. Maybe Kanye needs to take a couple of months off (he wont lose any fans, because he is at the top of his music career right now) and focus more on his fashion line. In the long run, if he does have a great show and becomes successful in the fashion world, when he decides to retire from music, he can continue on with fashion for years to come.

Well I hope he succeeds, I just think this was a work in progress, and I don’t know how he will fix it, but I hope he is open to all suggestions. One thing we know about Kanye: Expect great music, and the unexpectable! So Kayne, we wish you luck, we just hope you revision your collection, so we can praise it!

Kanye, if your reading this, maybe our designers can help revamp your brand the right way! JustOff7thAve!

Here’s some more of Kanye’s collection, tell me what y’all think!


xoxo Athena

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