Yesterday, Jo7a had its 1st seminar on Accounting. This is One of many seminars that are part of our JO7A Designer Guide. Mind Your Business Series, which was the title of yesterday’s seminar, featuring an In-Depth look at what it takes to establish your business and protect your assets and your business financially.  Raymond Saylor, who is a certified CPA, simplified the difficult-to-understand, overwhemling amount of information people need to know, when starting a business.

   Ray is an accountant who has many years experience in supporting businesses in all accounting needs. Below I have attached a brief interview with Ray. For an in-depth look at what was discussed in the seminar, you must be one of our designers.

Athena interviews Ray Saylor

To Join Just off 7th Avenue, please go to our meetup page at:

For the Designers who are part of Just Off 7th Ave: I am editing and condensing some of the video footage. Tomorrow, I will post a link on our meetup for every one of you to be able to access the vital information Ray gave the designers who attended.

xoxo Athena

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