An independent designer, and a member of JustOff7thAve! , we are proud to say that Marlene, aka Marli has some of the most profound, intricate, luxurious, and beautiful couture gowns I have ever seen!!!

   With 28 years experience, Marlene has already established a cult following of fashionistas, in love with her detailed intricate gowns. She has made a name for herself in the industry, and showed in the “PLITZ” New York Fashion week show, on February 10, 2012.

    When asked what, or who inspired her to begin a career as a designer, Marlene said

                ” It started off as a hobby. I am 28 years in this industry and love what I am doing. I enjoy beautiful fabrics, and see what I can create from these gorgeous materials.”

  Indeed, we are amazed, and thankful that this hobby has turned into something we all can appreciate. Amazing fashion.

What can you expect with Marlene’s Designs?
Red Carpet Ready Evening Wear!

Whether its for Prom, a Wedding.. or the ACTUAL RED CARPET… I honestly hope plenty of celebrity fashionistas see this post, because her dresses would captivate everyone’s attention on the red carpet… I’d love to see an A-Lister in her gowns, unique, exquisite, beautiful! Dramatic yet extremely feminine.. The great thing is, you can get a dress custom made for yourself, or browse the ready-to-wear collection that Marlene has… so

Celebrities, Socialites, Brides, Prom Queens take a look at her amazing collection and follow her on twitter…

Just my opinion, Marlene Haute Coutures featured in a Bergdorf window set would stop traffic on 5th Ave…  Totally Amazing!!



      I absolutely love her wedding dresses! I wish I was going to the ball! I want to feel like Cinderella, and I know my next Gala dress will definitely be a Marlene dress.

Below I added a preview of more pictures.. your going to have to go to her facebook page and website to see the rest..




To Follow Marlene on twitter  click here

DEFINITELY LIKE HER FACEBOOK PAGE and look at more of her work HERE

Click on the Logo below to access her website!



xoxo  Athena

One thought on “Jump into Luxury while Jumping into Wedding and Prom Season: Marlene Haute Coutures

  1. I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine brought this write up about Marlene Haute Couture under my attention, just now. What a beautiful article and thank you for all of your kind words to promote my business. Know that it is highly appreciated! Thank you Athena!

    We would also like to tell our fans that we currently work on a line for Midwest Fashion Week. Without saying too much, you will not be disappointed, Please follow us on Facebook and twitter – Marli (CEO and Designer)

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