Designers at any stage may join Just Off 7th Ave! but only those who meet the criteria of Emerging or Burgeoning will be listed in the Buyer’s Directory. All designers regardless of their stage of development are encouraged to join us. Its member’s only area offers a wealth of resources and information supporting the designer’s climb through the stages towards being an established, recognized entity. It is a focused community that offers ready access to a strong knowledge base, key calendar items, direct referrals to supporting professions and businesses, discounts on products and services, unique exposure strategies and more. It is an unparalleled tool to launch, promote, expose and expand their line.

Credibility is a key factor in maintaining our positioning as a premier resource to both the designer and the buyer. Our strategy in safeguarding and strengthening that positioning is the application of restricted listings and required references for all Emerging or Burgeoning applicants. Only those applicants who demonstrate a readiness to engage a buyer will be listed in the Buyer’s Directory. The Fashion Industry is a tight knit community where word of mouth is a strong a force. As a member each designer is accountable for capable and effective as well as appropriate and responsible activity and the reflection their engagement as a member has on Just Off 7th Ave!

Retail Members…

Just Off 7th Ave! seeks to be a premier resource for buyers. To that end we support the buyer, whether a local independent boutique owner to the buyer for a major retail institution by availing them of a growing, evolving, current network of fresh new designers. Buyers can view the designer’s virtual show room and connect with them. There are a broad range of design classifications represented whether you’re shopping for a boutique where you carry apparel, accessories and shoes or a specific department where you’d like to show a variety of designers in a common genre.

The Just Off 7th Ave! Designer membership Buyer’s Directory is comprised of new designers who have demonstrated their readiness to engage the market place, designers whose creations are innovative, relevant and exciting. They are eager to show their lines and prepared to take and fill orders reliably.


It is the goal of Just Off 7th Ave to support the Independent Designer in every way. We encourage the active engagement of businesses and professionals who provide for the needs of Indie Designers. To ensure a targeted more valuable reach to those resources that provide business development, sourcing and production

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