As you can tell, I am always the shortest of the bunch.


           I was born petite. I would take hours on end in a store, trying clothing on, only to find everything was too long, or too big, or horribly unflattering. It was always so difficult for me to shop for clothing, that most of the time I opted for the stretch yoga pant, or leggings (which I still do, when I’m lazy..) Finding fitted items were always a nightmare. Not only am I 4’11, but I have an extreme hourglass figure. After asking several clothing designers, they told me that this is the most difficult figure to find clothing on the racks for.

   Ofcourse, If I was a multi-millionaire and was able to afford custom-everything, I wouldn’t have a problem getting dressed in the newest trends, and lovely dresses, but because of my 39-27-40 measurements, not even petite sizes fit me. My life consists of purchasing that size 14p jeans, that size 12p dress, and having it tailored to fit me. And guess what? most of the time, once my pants are tailored… take a wild guess what happens? I cant put em on. They wont go passed my thighs. Shirts are a whole other story, unless it stretches, you cant wear it. Because I’m busty, button downs need to be tailored as well. Sometimes, the tailoring cost just as much as my garments. I’m so tired of this… If you can relate, this article is for you.

             Now ladies who are 5’3 and under, with measurements similar to mine can actually shop in plenty of places who cater to our figure. Ever since celebrities who had similar builds to us began showing up on the scene. For instance, Nicki Minaj, it about 5’2 but has an extremely curvy figure. She’s proportioned more towards a pear shape, because she’s not busty, but it’s still extremely difficult to fit her as well. She sticks to curve hugging clothing, which accentuates her figure, which is great, especially because she’s an entertainer, and looks amazing in them. But when she wants to show a little less curve, she opts for designers who have very well tailored, and clean cut lines. These designers, such as Martin Grant (Whome Nicki is wearing in the picture to the right), Versace, Jenny Packham, and even Valentino (yes.. the man who said he makes clothes for hangers only) have even began making more veloptuous fitting clothing.

     Instead of just sitting around in ill-fitted jeans, or ugly sweaters, become inspired. Pick out your favorite colors, look through magazines and see your favorite outfits. Pick a model or celebrity that is similar to your shape, and allow their aesthetic to inspire you in creating your own unique style. Don’t be afraid to -buy one or two good outfits and tailor them, rather than 30 cheap ill-fitted ones.

Note: Though celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj wear tight, curve hugging dresses, doesn’t mean they haven’t been tailored to their proportions, and also they didn’t purchase their dresses at Target or Pretty Girl. So stay away from cheap items, believe me. The higher quality item, the better tailored the fit. The better tailored the fit, the more fabulous you look.


   Dita Von Teese, is the ultimate Pin-Up girl. She has taken a bit of inspiration from Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and all the classy beautiful vixens of the 40s and 50s. She’s always perfectly dressed and looks amazing in couture dresses. She doesn’t necessarily wear Upper Echelon Designers (i.e. Valentino, Versace.. though she has worn them in the past) she sticks to the high waisted skirts, well fitted at the waist dresses, sweetheart neckline, and cap sleeved (NEVER PADDED!) tops. She is 5’3, but she definitely finds ways to elongate her figure, you would never know.

Be Petite and Curvy and Be Proud!





To Find out How to dress your petite figure please go to:   Couture Petite: Body Type Calculator

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