How to Shope Ebay like an Editor – via Vogue Daily. This article is amazing. Chioma Nnadi, the author of the article reports 5 simple rules of what to look out for. She writes:

“..Vogue Market Editor Jessica Sailer isn’t one to buy on impulse. She’s the kind of shopper who considers each investment with extra special care. “My rule has always been to put the thing I love on hold at the store, and then I have at least until the end of the day to figure out just how much I want it,” she says. “If I’m still thinking about a dress hours later, then I know it was meant to be.” It’s partly why the frenzy of an online auction has never appealed to Sailer. According to her, it’s too easy to get sucked in: How do you gauge your need for something new without being consumed by the thrill of the chase? ….”  read the rest of the article here

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