Miss Doshi’s Slogan is “All things beautiful!” which is just that. All of her pieces are perfectly crafted, and beautiful.

Owl Statement Neckpiece! - perfect accessory to glamourize that Jeans+Plain white tee outfit, or more!

Jo7a: When did you start your business?

AnMidO: Although I have been involved with this industry in smaller aspects for the past few years, things shaped up in to a full time engagement around April 2011

.Jo7a: What is your business mission?

AnMidO: As our motto says, we want to let “fashionistas” enjoy the exclusivity of our creations while not having to spend designer-label prices.

Jo7a: What are your inspirations?

AnMidO: I always want to create the unlikeliest combinations while trying to make them look beautiful and mildly adventurous. My creative nature, multicultural surrounding and love for fashion bring out the best in me.

Jo7a: Just tell us a little about you and what you imagine the girl who wears your jewelry to be.

AnMidO: I am the girl next door who wants to maintain her individuality in the fashion crowd. I am not very adventurous, but still like to add subtle flavors of uniqueness to my creations. Being in the New York region, I come across people from so many different races, religion, background and even countries. I try to design my creations for the girl lost in this big crowd; for various purposes, like work, party and occasions, allowing the girl to maintain her own identity

.To Purchase AnMidO- All things Beautiful! Click Here: ETSY – AnMidO – All things Beautiful

To Purchase AnMidO- All things Beautiful! Click Here: STYLEOUTSIDETHEBOX: AnMidO – All Things Beautiful 

Take a look at some key pieces as well as a few selected favorites from Mitali herself.

Click on the Thumbnails to view full images.


I absolutely fell in love with this embroidered flower wrap! Look at the details!

The perfect thing is 2012 is all about warm and vibrant colors, make sure you vist www.anmido.etsy.com before someone grabs this one! Remember, AnMidO sells one of a kind items!



Meena Green Earrings


Red Accent piece , Faux pearls bracelet - Totally classy! I have to have it!



Which ones are your favorites? Mine is the Meena green earrings and the goldplated ethnic set, (probaby because I’m a redhead, and green and gold compliment my coloring.)

Seriously ladies, visit the AnMidO websites, you wont regret it. Plus its an exclusive collection, meaning that, you won’t see another women wearing the same jewelry.

And that’s our January 2012 Designer of the month.

Stay tuned for next month’s featured designer.

8 thoughts on “January 2012 Designer of the Month: AnMidO – All things Beautiful!

  1. I feel so proud and happy to know that my sweet lil friend has been awarded the best designer of the month! I think the hard work she puts in and the creativity she has will take her long away and this is only one of the 1st steps :)!! Keep it up mittu!!

  2. good going mits!! ur stuffs really good!!! *two thumbs up*

  3. My favorite is the meena green earrings!!! i absolutely love them!!!

  4. Super creative and classy! Absolutely adore the Grey Blue Roses & faux pearl long chain necklace! #fave!! Congrats AnMidO. Well deserved; your work is fantastic!!

  5. Amazing creations, beautifully designed.

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