Photographer: Regi Metcaf (c) 2012

  I would like to take the time out to introduce our Multi-Tasker – Model/Blogger/Director of Multimedia here at Jo7a!  Kat has played a vital role in the development of our website, Your site was developed by the geniuses at Zeal Pulse Web and Multimedia Design, Yusef Mahmud-Bey, Project Manager and Kat Vunk, Director of Social Media. After the developement of our site, Kat stayed involved, promoted, and helped maintain our website.  We soon realized she was the perfect one for many other areas within Just Off 7th Ave!

    Kat became one of our go to models, for photoshoots of our designer’s items. She did an excellent job, as a model, photographing amazingly well. In the featured Image above, Kat is actually modeling my brand (EDEN’S LUXURY SHOES AND ACCESSORIES) “Naughty Girl” shoes, With the “Naughty Girl” Cuff, and matching “Naughty Girl” Earrings. Once I saw how these amazing images (Taken by Regi Metcaf and Jim Sewastynowicz – see photographer’s profile) I signed Kat on as my brand campaign model.

   Now, I am proud to annouce that she will be sporadically blogging for Just Off 7th Ave! along side of Xenia and I. This creates a team of 3 amazing bloggers!! Below are a few more pictures of Kat!


To Follow Kat on TWITTER  @imarketmadness

Please visit if you’re looking for web and multimedia designs.




xoxo Athena

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