Photography By: JfaPhoto Studio, Make Up By: Ayeshah Lockwood, MakeOversbyAyeshah Model: Shirley

An outfit can’t look anymore complete without a great pallet of makeup. It’s amazing how features can be enhanced with various colors. When an Outfit is boring you, all you need to do, to add a little glitz and glamor is throw on a bright bold shade of lipstick, or an amazing pop of color on your lids and you are ready!

Recently, makeup is becoming more and more prominent and upfront in the fashion world. Its used to just be the “Smokey Eye” and the “Marilyn Monroe Red Lips”, but now we see people adapting to all colors of the rainbow.

With inspirations from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, women are becoming more bold in their choice of make up. As celebrities push the envelope, the more we are inclined to break out of our shells and try that stunning Pink Eyeshadow we’ve always imagined would look amazing! Our Very Own Ayeshah is the genius behind the the above look.

“I wanted to try something new. We were shooting an accessories line, so I wanted to tie the makeup into the theme.” Ayeshah’s Bright Use of colors, on the contrasting dark skin of the model looks amazing. We asked Ayeshah how she gave the model that amazing glow.

Jo7a: What was your inspiration?

Ayeshah: Fall colors were my inspiration. I tried tried to tie in the accessories with the make up, we were doing an accessories shoot, and I wanted to draw the colors of the accessories into the makeup.

Jo7a: That color palette is amazing,what brand of shadows and lipstick did you use?

Ayeshah: I dont use a brand, I use a variety, I usually use a line that I’m developing myself. I carry it with me all the time. It will be coming soon.

Jo7a: Critics often warn that strong eyes and lips can tend to look costume-ish or clownish, what guidelines do you use to keep yourself outside that line? When is this type of makeup appropriate?

Ayeshah: I use traditional styling with vibrant colors. If the hair is over the top, then the make-up shouldn’t be. You need to have a focal point. If there is too much going on, then that will eventually end up looking costume-like.

Photo: Mark Hansen Make Up: Olivia Elias Model: Athena Mennis

“I think every woman deserves to look beautiful, I usually tend to play on excentuating a woman’s natural colors.” Olivia Elias, a Freelance makeup artist from New York says. A couple of years ago, Olivia hired me as one of her Portfolio models. The above picture is one of her most popular looks. I remember being terrified to have hot pink and silver Eyeshadow on my eyes, and when she told me I was going to have hot pink lips as well, I completely freaked! I didn’t possibly think this would look good. To my surprise it looked amazing! My eyes had never looked so blue before! I completely fell in love with this look, and this is what encouraged me to start wearing brighter color palettes. We asked some questions, and here’s what Olivia had to say:

Jo7a: What made you chose pink?

OE: Well, on [Athena], I didnt want the typical smoked look, and usually when I am trying to enhance a feature, I chose a color that is completely opposite to the item I’m trying to enhance. I chose pink, black and silver.

Jo7a: How did you tie in these over the top colors?

OE: It was all about the skin. I stayed away from bronzers and blushes, I used a light cream foundation, and a press powder of the same color. [Athena’s] eyebrows are naturally light, I did not touch the brows. I didn’t want them to distract from the make-up.

Jo7a: Would you recommend this look to everyone?

OE: Not everyone. [Athena’s] skin tone and features are very light, so I used light bright tones in reds and pinks. For a darker skin color I would recommend EXACTLY what Ayeshah did. Warmer tones such as Golds, Greens, and Oranges, compliment darker skin colors.

Good to know! Tell Jo7a what your favorite make-up trick is! We want to hear!

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