Dennis Buchanan, Co-founder of the D. Buchanan Collection

Three years ago, a true “dollar and a dream” story began. I always love stories like this where people have a goal that seems just barely out of reach, and they refuse to give up. Mr. Dennis Buchanan, co-founder of D. Buchanan clothing, saw a void in the fashion world that needed to be filled desperately. Mr. Buchanan was transitioning into the world of Corporate America and felt that his new “suit and tie” look just did not express who he truly was. He wanted to abide by corporate dress standards without completely abandoning his color-loving personality completely. After searching high and low for a compromise, Mr. Buchanan decided that the answer was the D. Buchanan Collection: a luxury accessories collection for men who wants to look prestigious without completely blending into their surroundings. The collection boasts style and quality, while offering colors and patterns to allow each man to cater to his specific personality.





Mr. Buchanan has all the essence of a fun-loving man. He loves the creative process behind his collection and the selection of new colors and fabrics for his high-end accessories. While we were discussing the creative process behind his line, he said he draws most of his inspiration from colors.





“When you match and use colors, they can tell a story about the individual wearing them,” he told me. As a color addict myself, I could not agree more.

His bright colors and unique patterns immediately attracted my attention. I almost wish I was a man so I could buy some of his ties, but since I am not, I will have to settle with finding a well-dressed man to spoil with his great designs. Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s breakout from ties to a fashion icon, Mr. Buchanan is hoping to continue his line and create a permanent name for himself in the closest of the fashion-aware men around the world. The thing I am always most curious about is the designer’s personal favorite item from their own line. He chose the Signature Color “Royal Purple” tie from his Signature Line. “In ancient times,” he said, “royal purple was associated with royalty. It offered an opportunity for the wealthy and powerful to flaunt their position.” I adore the royal purple tie as well, with my other personal favorite D. Buchanan Signature Collection colors being “Hawaiian Ocean” and  “New York Blue” (like any good New Yorker because it reminds me of the pinstripes that I hold so dear to my heart).

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