Our February designer of the month, is no other than Bertha Alicia Astor! I’m sure everyone remembers a previous post, where I talked about Bertha being featured in the New York Times.  If not, please click here to view it.

    Bertha has a great story, and I definitely wanted to do a more in depth, interview with her. So here it is:

Athena: Bertha, What inspired you to be a designer?

Bertha:My inspiration has been my grandmother; she was a professional seamstress, I used to wear her own garments on Saturday night for Salsa dancing parties.

Athena: What defines an Obradoiro De Moda Woman?

Bertha:  Obradoiro de Moda; Remember! Means Fashion Atelier in Galician language, and the important detail is the freshness and easy pieces, well constructed and defined.  My clientele is represented as chic, classic, edgy at some extend.  Active, conservative and very conscious of her figure.

Athena: How long have you been designing?

Bertha: I’ve been designing since I was 14 years old, bringing to my mom and grandma my very unique sketches and magazine images of beautiful garments that she could maybe replicate them.

Athena: The new york times featured you, and your struggle to become a designer, your an inspiration. What advice would you give to other women who are in the position you were, when you first decided to persue this career?

Bertha: I’ll advise them NOT to quit on their dreams, well!!! I’m not where I want it to be yet! But Believing on what you can do it’s an essential part of this engaging process! However, you need to roll up your sleeves and work hard for what you want. This would be my advice to all aspiring designers out there with the same dream I had for so many years.  I want it to become a designer at very young age, but with the downsized that you approached in life, the dream is far to reach.

Athena: What can we expect from you in the next season?

Bertha: The next season is one of those collections I want it call, the “jaw dropping” collection (ha,ha,ha), it will be a dress collection; the “Consuelo” collection in my granny’s honor.  It’ll include asymmetrical, fitted sheath dresses, dropped waists silhouettes, evening night out dresses and the beautiful fabrics.

Athena: If you can, name your a favorite garment from your collection, and the inspiration behind the design

Consuelo Dress

Bertha: If I could named one favorite garment from this collection that has to be the “Consuelo” lavender/burgundy dress and the inspiration behind it was the The French Revolution, a lot of purple and pink blending variation of colors were used by women during that time.  The use of ruffles on neckline and hemlines were visible.

Athena: If you can chose one celebrity, who would you want to represent your brand?

Bertha: If could chose a celebrity/important person to carry my line, I have to say Michelle Obama. I’m completely sure she would wear my pieces without hesitation.

 To Check out more of Bertha’s Designs, and purchase garments please click here.

 To Follow Bertha on Twitter:  @AstorBertha

Fashion Photos Provided by Shooting S.T.A.R.S
Photographers: Jim Sewastynowicz, JfaPhoto 
Model: Kat Vunk
MakeUp: MakeOversByAyeshah

xoxo Athena

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