In the fashion world, there are designers, there are stylists, and there are PR gurus. Alfonsina Romero, is a Triple threat. She has what we call the Designer X Factor. With a background in PR and Event Planning, TONS of experience and schooling in design, and a Passion for FASHION, along with a sophisticated pallet in dressing, Alfonsina is one powerful woman in the industry.

Alfonsina in her own design

      A graduate of the Fashion Institute, with a degree in Interior Design, Alfonsina utilizes all her other areas of expertise and intergrates them into her field of work. She has launched an Interior Design company called  AR|NY Interiors, which specializes in closet design, amungst and array of other design services.

    Alfonsina recently launched her new venture,,

 “Closet Room is the one stop boutique for everything closet. With a grip on aesthetics and functionality, let us help you organize and style our favorite room, your closet. Closet Room

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offers closet essentials from jewelry storage boxes to hangers, closet accessories, accent furniture and lighting to layout design and installation services!”  quoted directly from

     Her portfolio is indeed impressive! If you take virtual stroll to one of  her websites,, you can see the amazing portfolio she has put together for visitors!

    Ayeshah met Alfonsina through Just Off 7th Ave. She has been a driving force in the fashion industry, helping launch the careers of independent designers by hosting and promoting fashion events! She will be sponsoring the VIP goodie bags for Couture Fashion Week, at the Waldorf Astoria from Feb 17-Feb 19 2012 Click Here for Info/Tickets to this event!

   I had a chance to interview Alfonsina.

Athena: What inspired you to become an interior designer?
Alfonsina: A former boss from a PR firm where I worked in after graduating Brooklyn College was a fine artist. She sold her paintings at high profile functions, and painting was her passion. She was also a very successful publicist, and smart. That was my solid inspiration, and it was something that stayed with me the whole time I went back to school full time to become an interior designer.
My passion for interior design comes from my ambition to change and improve everything. It is uncommon for me to be in a place where I don’t want to change things around to make it more livable and functional. The ten year old Alfonsina who used to insist on changing the look of the family room regularly would say “to make it look pretty.” I believe that a person’s surrounding can affect their life and thoughts, that is why i chose a niche in small spaces and closet design- to start transforming spaces from the core.
Athena: I read your bio, and I was inspired. Not many people have a background in design, PR and Event Planning, how has this helped you expand your business?
Alfonsina: It has given me the opportunity to integrate my professions. My PR background has set the foundation for all the aspects that require communication, social media and networking expertise for my design business. I can promote and brand myself through events and marketing.
Athena: What are your inspirations?
Alfonsina: In general, i am inspired by people who are entrepreneurial and have a focus. Ambition, innovation and success stories of others really push me to step up my game on every level. I am inspired by people like me.
Design inspirations: I am inspired by interior designer Dorothy Draper who was bold, and broke out of the norm by designing eclectic solutions that didn’t sit very well with those who had a more traditional vision for decor.
Athena: You have really created a great name for yourself, and your company. What advice would you give aspiring designers who would love to follow in your footsteps?
Alfonsina: I want to steer away from the “follow your dreams” stereotype, and be more specific: I would advise them to be resourceful, business minded, and to take initiative to go outside the comfort zone, by networking, researching, and always being informed on what is happening in the industry. Being well versed in social media is a very important tool to survive as a company or a brand. Lastly, one must be prepared to shift gears if a new opportunity calls for it and test new niches.
Athena: We absolutely love you! What can we expect to see from you in the future? What are your future goals as an interior designer?
Alfonsina: I found my niche in design and it is closets and small spaces. I plan to focus on building my new company Closet Room. The Closet Room shop is currently online but the goal is to have a Soho store that offers everything for the closet as well as a design team to provide personalized design services. There are many home products shop out there, but not one that offers a unique shopping experience for your closet.  Expansion is in my stars but in the meantime for brand exposure I plan to participate in various social functions. My next exposure opportunity will be during Couture Fashion week at the Waldorf Astoria at the end of February, where I am participating as goody bag sponsor. I am anxiously looking forward to that and will off course keep you posted!
We hope you enjoyed the interview! Don’t you dare leave without checking out all of Alfonsina’s Sites! and make sure you all take a close look at, I know I will definitely be shopping there!
I hope you all enjoyed this interview

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