Cine et La Mode - Just Off 7th Ave

Cine et La Mode is wrought with all the trimmings of a fabulous NYC night out on the town!

Enjoy an entertaining night of Film and Fashion with Dark Kidney Films and Just Off 7th Ave! The best of both worlds! Hosted by sensational comedian Maribeth Mooney. Dark Kidney Films will premier an original film and select Just Off 7th Ave Fashion Designers will be unveiling their latest collections! Spend time with film industry pros and the fabulously stylish crowd of JO7A. That’s not all! Enjoy a 3 hour open bar, hor’dourves and take home a fab gift bag of goodies!

Dark Kidney Films

The Dark Kidney Filmmaking Effort was started in March 2011 by film buff Scott Danzig. The name Dark Kidney spawned from an inside joke. Scott was reassuring his girlfriend that a seemingly “evil” friend was really warm inside, like a kidney. The random nickname, Dark Kidney, has an artistic, rebellious element to it, so the name stuck. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and Dark Kidney is no exception. The group consists of seasoned professionals and novices working together to bring their projects to fruition. While on a shoot, all hands are on deck, with pros helping the newbies learn the intricacies of the production process. In its relatively short existence, the Dark Kidneys have produced 3 movies and a PSA for the Human Trafficking Awareness Council. They have also started a writer’s circle to create content.  They will to continue to grow and expand in 2012, so look forward to them producing more movies!

Just Off 7th Ave!

Just Off 7th Ave! is a multi-faceted fashion public relations effort, led by Ayeshah Lockwood and Athena Mennis. It was born of the ideology that “Everyone wears clothes, but Fashion is a Passion” Jo7a supports independent designers at all stages of their development. It facilitates the introduction of independent designers to resources, entities and industries engaged in related efforts, supporting them in the full breadth of the establishment, development, marketing, and promotion of their businesses. Jo7a partners with professionals and businesses to support member designers. Jo7a offers a range of services, service providers and myriad opportunities ensuring indie designers the ability to define and distinguish themselves and broaden their reach.


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