On June 8th 2012, Just Off 7th Ave!, along with Dark Kidney Film Effort and Shooting Stars, made their mark on New York City! We did it! Our first EVENT! “Cine et La Mode: A night of Film and Fashion”. This collaboration just established a foundation that we proudly hope others will follow. We took the grassroots movement of independent Artists and exposed it to New York City at LARGE!

   Ayeshah and I are extremely proud of our efforts and the end result! We are very excited to share all the wonderful photographs our amazing photographers have taken… but first… let me give you guys a rundown of what went on, planning, preparing and executing this event!

    In January of this year, about 2 weeks after the launching of our website. Ayeshah and I joined forces with Dark Kidney (via meetup.com) and Shooting Stars (which Ayeshah founded.. also via meetup.com).. We sat down in a conference room in Bellevue Hospital (yes… completely irrelevant..don’t ask..) and threw Ideas back and forth until we came up with a gameplan. Find a venue, make it happen… Simple enough…

    We scouted tons of venues, and annoyed the event coordinators of each one, until we reached Amnesia. We fell in love! It had everything we needed! We could build a runway, there was plenty of space, and of course it was one of the HOTTEST night clubs in New York City. We signed contracts, scouted sponsors, designers, and made it happen. It sounds easy, but it wasn’t. Shishi (my petname for Ayeshah), Jackie Howard (Dark Kidney), and Jim Sewastynowicz (Shooting Stars) spent every free minute we had to ensure the event would come alive. From photo shoots to advertising, from lookbooks to goody bags.. we did the best we could, and learned a lot of lessons along the way.

   The designers featured in the show included Me, with my BELETI footwear brand, Mitali Doshi with AnMidO- All that’s Beautiful, Daniel Hernandez with DH Studios EXTRINSIC (he came all the way from BOSTON), Bertha Alicia Astor with Obradoiro De Moda, Vivien Chen with Vivien VC handbags (she came alllll the way from FLORIDA!!), and Michele Walden McPhee with MichiKnitWear.

  The Models

Alexa Sasha  – Megan Monoghan –  Maame-Mensima Horne – Beatriz UrenaEvelyn Leong – Annette Chu  –  Naomi BellafloresAngelica BerryMely Ginger – Danielle KnightFrancine M – Natasha Noshirwani – Janelle Dey – among many more.

 The Goody Bags, yes there two, were provided by Hpnotiq Liquor, stuffed with AMAZING products and more… Antoinetta Karma House Of Antoinette 1950‘s added beautiful earrings and we added an awesome look book displaying pieces from the fabulous designers and introducing the members and projects of Dark Kidney, one of the featured designers, Bertha Alicia Astor provided the additional, gorgeous pink goody bag chock full goodies and if you were one of the first 65 to arrive you got to take home that special treat too.

MUSIC was provided by our phenomenal Jo7A DJ, DJ BIG JEFF.

Maribeth Mooney and Alfonsina Romero did an amazing  job hosting the event!

Below Are the Photographers Pictures

Kenneth JD Starz Graham :

To View pictures from June 8 2012 Click:  Photography Cine et La Mode Link


Michaelle Chapoteau Photography:

To View pictures from June 8 2012 Click: Photography Cine et La Mode Link 2


Kenneth Velazquez :

To View pictures from June 8 2012 Click:  Photography Cine et La Mode Link 3


Tim McDonough Photography :

To View pictures from June 8 2012 Click:  Photography Cine et La Mode Link 4 


Rahim Baskett Photography:

To View pictures from June 8 2012 Click:  Photography Cine et La Mode Link 5

More Photos To Come.. We’ll keep you updated!!!!

— Again, thank you to everyone and anyone who was part of, or supported, attended, shared news about, etc.. in any way!!!


xoxo Athena


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