On February 2nd 2012, Bergdorf Goodman was the place to be… It was a spectacular event, but not just any spectacular event… Walking in, anyone could spot what this event was about… A sea of red soles filled the room… and the man of the hour walked in.. Monseiur Louboutin.

    Christian Louboutin is known for his out-of-this-word designs, and signature Red Soles.. Now, on his 20 year anniversary, he’s published a book of his most extravagant over the top designs! He’s become a staple in the fashion industry!

Lately, Christian Louboutin has been making the news, but not for his brilliant shoes, Mr.Louboutin does claim that his red soles are a trademark and have been his idea entirely. I love Louboutins, and am a proud owner of about 15 pairs, but the reality is, the Red Outer Sole has been done many many times before. Before Monseiur Louboutin requested a US Trademark on his red sole, during the Reign of Luis XIV, red sole shoes were worn by aristocratic men.  Mr.Louboutin has been around for 20 years, but YSL had manufactured red sole shoes in the 1970s. Knowing all these facts, why would Christian Louboutin file suit claiming that the Red Sole is his and only his?? Check out the story here.. via sassybella



The rouge-filled anniversary of the year raged on last night as Louboutin fever bedecked Bergdorf Goodman’s shoe salon in a spray of rosy-hued confetti, an ebullient Linda Fargo playing host,Christian Louboutin grinning and greeting red sole junkies, et al. For some, the crimson hue is a perennial fave, not just when it’s splashed on the soles. “I always need a shot of red—my office always has something red in it,” Fargo explained. “I have to have to have my red lipstick. Always.” Later in the evening, the belle of the BG ball was spotted shimmying in a corner, the glittery bits of confetti glinting off her gams. 

So much attention was being paid to the pieds, it felt apropos to delve into matters of the soul. “My soul is solar, because I was born from the light,” Louboutin said.  Mickey Boardman, clad in a sparkly Suno top for the occasion, simply had to snag some mid-shindig shut-eye to pull up his soulful hue. When I close my eyes, I see icy blue—an inviting blue like the Caribbean, not stay-away-from-me glacier blue!” Fargo’s soul: red, obviously. As for Glenn O’Brien? “Ultraviolet, because it’s invisible.” …Click Here to Read Entire Story via FashionWeekDaily

(above article is an excerpt and all credit due to fashionweekdaily.com)



So what’s your favorite Louboutin Creation? Comment! let us Know!

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