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Well a few of our designers have taken classic ideas and thrown in modern edge, mixed it all up and created amazing looks! 
For clothing take a look at one of our Haute Couture designers, Achalla est Couture.

 To the left, the outfit is classic high waist pencil skirt, With a Cap Sleeve white blouse (classy), but what makes it edgy is the short cut blouse (just above the pencil skirt) the structure of the cap sleeves, and the clean lines in gray/silver across the lower center of the top.



Achalla est Couture does Classy/Edgy the right way. The accessories used to style the look add a greater “Edge” factor to it.


Achalla is a Haute Couture designer. She makes amazing clothing! To contact Achalla about her creations, please visit her website at www.achallaestcouture.com

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Shoes. Shoes. Shoes – I believe that shoes are the #1 way to blend Edge and Classic designs together. I am a designer as well (what did you think I was doing this for fun? lol) Well, I am a shoe designer. I bled edgy, modern glitz and glam with classic shoe styles. I think I pull it off quite well, and I believe that my shoes would look fabulous with a classic pencil skirt, or little black dress, as well as an amazing overthetop Au Vante Garde look! What do you all think?

  The Company is called Eden.

 Eden’s shoes are all about classy vs edgy. The shoe is actually made from 100% Italian leather. The Uppers are suede, with back Patent Leather Patchwork, Heel is Patent Leather. Insoles: Black calf leather, leather outsoles. Hardware: 100% Swarovski AB Crystals with Metal Spikes and Swarovski Element Gems.


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 Another great designer who Pulls off the Classy/Edgy mixture perfectly is Domestic Diva Designs!  She Uses a mix of Swarovski, spikes, pearls, and colored leathers to create her Accessories/Jewelry. Very edgy, and very classy as well. Check her out! Below is a picture of One of her cuffs! AMAZING!


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To Purchase items please go to their website: www.domesticdivas2010.com



Hope You Enjoyed this!! Here’s some more photos:

Eden's Luxury Shoes

Domestic Diva Designs Handbag

Photo:Sasha Chou MUA:Jelissa Diaz Designer:Achalla Est Couture

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