So I’m browsing the web, click on a link, find this great Urban Wear Collection and invite them to join our Facebook group, then I get a phone call from Benita “Bjae” Jones, and wow, how inspirational!

Acting on her passion to inspire, in August of 2011 Bjae created BRAZENWEAR, a clothing line dedicated to encouraging the world to be “Bold. Smart. Fearless.” This Urban Wear Collection includes athletic apparel, signature graphic tees, jackets, bags, footwear and so much more!


BRAZENWEAR’s Runway Collection made its debut at New York’s 2012 February Fashion Week!

Bjae Jones

Bjae, a native New Yorker, was born in Hempstead, LI, but raised in the South Bronx. I could hear her pride as she credited its influential culture as the source of her inspiration.

“The South Bronx has long been recognized as the Arts MECCA within the grassroots community. It featured the best of legendary Old Skool veterans of Hip Hop and the artistic expressions from the Masters of Graffiti Arts” 

 – these two illustrative components were the pivotal forces that inspired her vision for what has become a Signature Brand Masterpiece: BRAZENWEAR – My STATEMENT. Your STYLE™.

As we we’re talking I was just so impressed , Brazenwear, less than a year old? I was curious, why now?

What I came to realize is Bjae, a savvy entrepreneur, is a proverbial testimony!

Motivated, and with the Courage to Succeed” As she put it, she’s always been an artist… “I embraced my inner fears, and took advantage of complementary experience.”

Bjae’s portfolio is broad, and it’s the fundamental skills she gained through her varied experiences that her knowledge base is drawn from: Financial Analyst, Medical Underwriter, Claims Specialist, Graphic Artist, Project Manager, Database Specialist – and now Designer, President & Founder of BRAZENWEAR, LLC,

Being active in her community, artistic and creative, and having developed a strong business acumen, she decided to formally engage in fashion design, for her it was just the natural “next step”…


Bjae is known for her charismatic and dynamic spirit. She takes pride in displaying her passion for “Bettering the Community”.

In 2003, she made her mark through her artistic designs for “The Martin Luther King Jr – Build a Dream Memorial Foundation”.

In 2011, she developed a collaborative logo for a non-profit organization that worked under Michelle Obama’s workout campaign for children, “Let’s Move”.

And already in 2012, she has extended her talents, contributed her resources and donated 50 custom-made inspirational Tshirts to support the students in Togo, West Africa (an international initiative sponsored by the MESH ARTS “Education & Dance” Project).


In talking with her I was inspired by her journey and her compassion. Throughout her career, she’s donated time as a volunteer mentoring and supporting our youth, custom designed apparel, and created artwork/publications, encouraging the community and supporting organizations with uplifting missions.

Sergie Mike Marcus For Brazenwear

I’m busy as a beaver lately with trying to put together our 1st Fashion Show so we didn’t get to talk long, but we had a great conversation.  Bjae is using BRAZENWEAR to inspire the world to move past their inner fears, embrace their talents, and to continue on their journey – Bold, Smart, and Fearless. Well Just off 7th Ave is new as well, having only launched New Years 2012 and she’s inspired us!

Giselle For BrazenwearMARCUS For Brazenwear

Check out BRAZENWEAR at

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