I always look to see who will be the next designer of the month. It’s a tough process, being that we have so many talented designers among us. Recently, Ayeshah attended a photoshoot with one of our designers, Michele Walden, and all she could do for the next few days was brag about how amazing Michi was, and how awesome her garments were.

    I had to see for myself, being that I am usually not around the Emerging and Burgeoning designers, since my part is to focus on the Novice and Aspiring designers.. but when I saw the photos, and took a more in depth look on the art of Michi’s designs, I along with Ayeshah decided that she is the perfect fit for our April Designer of the month!

   Michi’s garments flatter every figure, they hug your curves like a mama holds her baby, and they make every woman feel beautiful! With the bright and powerful colors just in time for spring, Michi Knit Wear is the SHOW STOPPER of the season. And yes, Michi, I totally want to buy a dress!!!!

   I got a chance to interview Michi, and find out a little bit more about how her collection, and her aesthetic came about.

Athena: When did you realize that knitting, and designing were your passions?

Michele:      According to my Mom, I’ve been knitting all of my life. However, the bug really hit when I became pregnant with my 1st child. While attending an electronics program, one of my classmates was a mother of 11 who not only encouraged my desire to knit an outfit for my 1st born, but taught me technics I had never known.

Athena:  So you started designing clothes for women right away? or were you just doing knit art?

Well, not exactly, after I gave birth, While being an at home mom, I did some piece work for a woman who owned a store that did custom work for her clients, that’s when I got the idea, “Hey I can do this too.”

Athena: How did you think of the name, Michi Knit Wear?

Michele: Michi was born, out of my love for knitting and a tribute to my grandfather, who affectionaly called me Mishee as a child.

Athena: What made you decide to persue this as a career?

Michele: I began taking my knitting seriously and started creating outfits. I subsequently entered a Designer’s Competition with my hand knits and won. What an ego booster and the realization that I found my niche.

I’ve won a professional photo shoot, participated in numerous fashion shows, appeared in magazines, and dressed many satisfied clients.

Athena: I am very impressed. Might you describe to us what kind of woman is a “Michi Woman”?

Michele in Her Own Creation

Michele: She is a woman who is confident, likes to be unique in her dresssing, enjoys wearing wearable art, sophisticated and enjoys a hint of sensuality.

Athena: Where can we find Michi?

Michele:I’m located in Queens, NY.  My website is www.michiknitwear.com.

Athena:  Any interesting events we should look forward to this year?

Michele:On April 18th I’ll be participating in the FDU Roundtable Conference 2012, in Douglasville,Ga where I was adopted by Edward Dillard; on April 20th, Michiknitwear will have a few pieces  featured at “An Intimate Evening with Avery J and Friends” at the Space on White, and my final event in April will be in Columbia, SC for the Style Exhibition, showcasing on their finale night April 28th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

* MichiKnitWear will also be one of the designers featured in our Upcoming Fashion Show Gala Event on June 8th 2012 at Amnesia NYC

for more information on how to have a garment created for you by MichiKnitWear please email info@justoff7thave.com

xoxo Athena


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