We all dream of being a Pin Up girl. That classic but sexy style, the curve hugging dresses, the glamourous red lipstick, the beatiful pin curls, Its so enticing! Ofcourse, we can’t all afford all these glamorous Haute Couture looks by Chanel and other designers, so I found an amazing alternative!

I for one, have always been in love with 1940-50’s inspire fashion. I believe its made one of the most impressive, permanent marks in the fashion world. To this day, any woman who goes about her day in a Pin-Up inspired look, will turn heads!

I found a great site that sells these Vintage looks! I’ve ordered 5 dresses and various other items from them and I was satisfied with each and every single item! Here are a couple vintage looks that will fit perfectly into this season, pulling in the key colors and warm tones that Winter 2012 is all about.

Meet FAITH, the lovely curve hugging suit with a double frindge button down shortsleeve top and a high waisted below the knee Pencil skirt! This screams sexy, classy and trendy tying in the romantic Plumb and Black colors. $170.00 at stopstaringclothing.com

I have this outfit, but because I am quite petite (well, im short) I wouldnt pair it with a maryjane, instead a plain black pump without the strap will do (the ankle strap cuts you off at the ankle, making you look shorter and wider).

Dare to go RED in the BILLION DOLLAR BABY dress! $154.00 at stopstaringclothing.comThis is an amazing dress that will fit beautifully in all shapes and sizes, curve hugging, classic. Cap sleeves make all arms look great! This is the same dress worn by Bridgette from The Girls Next Door, and Adrienne Maloof (RHOBH)

www.stopstaringclothing.com is where you can purchase inexpensive pinup couture! =)

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